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Based in Seattle, Washington, Your Story Painted believes in the power of storytelling to inspire art and heal minds. Share your story with local artist, Rachel Carey, and invest in affordable art that symbolizes your journey and speaks the truth of your spirit in relation to the artist’s perspective. As a client, heal as your imagination is stimulated with colorfully painted landscapes symbolizing your energy and memories— timeless original paintings inspired by you and your story. 



about the artist


Rachel Carey discovered her passion for painting as it became her therapy during her mental health recovery. She started her storytelling business, Your Story Painted, while attending the University of Washington and has since successfully painted a diverse set of stories ranging from overcoming personal hardships, capturing the special bond between individuals, and even promoting organizational stories! She currently offers abstract landscape paintings as a way to advocate for humans reconnecting with their natural world. Rachel raises up her clients’ confidence as she listens to what they decide to share and turns it into meaningful art! Her mission to provide her audience with new perspectives, inspired by everyday stories, to better mental health and encourage others to share their stories with one another and appreciate their natural world.





Personal Card

Makes for the perfect gift! Every purchased painting comes with a personal card from the artist explaining the symbolism within the artwork. Buy a painting as a gift and the artist will address the card directly to your recipient!


Working with Your Budget

Let the artist know your budget. She believes that everyone deserves to have meaningful artwork regardless of their financial hardships. She will work around your budget and give you estimates for affordable art.


Clientele meeting

As a client, you have the opportunity to share some stories and conversation over a one-on-one to inspire the artist. Experience being heard and your story coming to life on a canvas!


Be the inspiration

Inspire the artist and the public with your story! Through social media, your painting with its respected story describing its symbolism will be shared anonymously. If you do wish to be recognized, the artist will tag you in the post!



Satisfied Clients





If you are interested, want to learn more or have any questions, send a message to the artist. She is always looking forward to working and learning from new clients and will get back to you swiftly.